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Heritage Construction and Consulting Services is a full service construction, remodel, and restoration contractor.

With resources such as our own warehouse, interior designer, and on-site specialists in flooring, cabinetry, tile, granite, countertops, and lighting, we stand out for our individualized service.


Our managing partners offer informed consultation; they are skilled and respected negotiators among insurance adjusters, and they each possess real-life, on-the-job construction experience, so their assessments can be counted on to be realistic and reliable.


Among our clients, we have a reputation for trustworthiness, completing work within budget, on time, and according to client specifications; this is why 95% of our business comes from referrals.

We Make Future In Construction

What are your company’s priorities?
How can your commercial space help accomplish these priorities? At Heritage, this is what we do–consulting and constructing to meet your business needs.



Whether it’s a high-rise apartment, an office strip, or a free standing structure, Heritage Construction is proud of our work; and we’ll construct a commercial space you’ll be proud of.  In addition to providing workmen with courtesy, know-how, and a no-nonsense work ethic, we also offer you access to our consultants throughout the construction process.  Talk with one of our managing partners or our interior designer or one of our specialists in flooring, lighting, tile, granite, storage… whatever expertise you need, we’re here to get your space accomplishing your company’s priorities.  We want you, your clients, and your bottom-line pleased with the results.



Water, fire, wind, hail — If your business has experienced minor or major disaster, we’ll help restore what’s been damaged.  We’re committed to a thorough repair that protects against the threat of ongoing trouble spots and that will ultimately add value to your commercial space.  We’re experienced and respected in working with outside and inside insurance adjusters to ensure your restoration is fully covered.



We are equipped to handle the largest of your multi-family, commercial and industrial roofing needs. Whether storm damage, repairs, simply needing a new commercial roof due to age, Heritage allows you to focus on your business and not your roof. Also, ask us about our commercial roof maintenance programs. Most commercial roof problems are due to lack of yearly maintenance and the typical commercial roof only last 7 years because it is not properly maintained. Get on a low cost roof maintenance program with us to ensure your commercial roof’s longevity and prevent small problems from becoming costly ones.

Looking For Exclusive Construction Service?
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