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Heritage Construction and Consulting

Heritage Construction and Consulting Services is a full service construction, remodel, and restoration contractor.

With resources such as our own warehouse, interior designer, and on-site specialists in flooring, cabinetry, tile, granite, countertops, and lighting, we stand out for our individualized service.


Our managing partners offer informed consultation; they are skilled and respected negotiators among insurance adjusters, and they each possess real-life, on-the-job construction experience, so their assessments can be counted on to be realistic and reliable.


Among our clients, we have a reputation for trustworthiness, completing work within budget, on time, and according to client specifications; this is why 95% of our business comes from referrals.

Dax Ferguson

Managing Partner
You might think that Dax’s favorite part of his job is his nice, quiet, well-insulated office. You might think that because, at home, Dax has nine boys. (Yes, 9, n-i-n-e.) However strangely, what Dax likes best about his job isn’t solitude; it’s solidarity. He loves meeting with clients, especially working alongside those in need of restoration after a disaster. He gets really fired up, and ok, sometimes teared up, about genuinely helping people out. Heck, he still brings his wife Brandy her coffee every single morning. (And honestly, why shouldn’t he, right?)

Providing Quality Services For Over 25 Years!


We're fortunate to work with fantastic clients on their construction needs.

Our Approach

Our approach is relationship.  Our clients love our attention to quality, but they really love how we put their best interest above our own as we partner to innovate an economical and efficient solution.


Our Mission

To become an indispensable partner for each client by providing superior innovative designs, intense attention to detail, extreme quality assurance and unmatched customer service.

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